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The Secrets of Magic & Illusion   The Secrets of Magic & Illusion

This video reveals the secrets of magic and illusion. (1997)

Price: $17.99

Amazing Secrets of Card Magic   Amazing Secrets of Card Magic

"Amazing Secrets of Card Magic" video filled a much needed gap in magic instruction. Many card magic books and videos assume the student already knows the "basics" - when in fact, many do not. This video was designed to not only cover all the basics of card tricks/ card magic, but also excite and inspire! Many great card tricks are taught that do not require "knuckle-busting" sleight-of-hand. Any ordinary deck of cards will do.

Price: $19.95

Anytime... Anyplace Magic   Anytime, Anyplace Magic!

This video will give you a bag full of tricks to perform on a moments notice with everyday objects. Highly recommended for any magician, beginner or advanced.

Price: $19.95

No Image Available   Amazing Magic:Tricks You Can Do

Great video for teaching younger children about magic.

Price: $14.07

Amazing Magic   Amazing Magic

This video is for people who are beginning magic enthusiasts, or perhaps just want to learn a bit of sleight-of-hand to entertain the church youth group with. Starring Bob Mcallister.

Price: $11.99


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