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Coin Magic   The Complete Introduction to Coin Magic

If you are serious about doing REAL coin magic, this is a must have DVD. If you feel you are cheating your audience with gimmick tricks, then this DVD is for you. If you're tired of every magic book assumming you already know how to handle coins, then this DVD is for you. If you want to progress in magic, you need this DVD!

Price: $29.95

Exciting World of Magic   Exciting World of Magic

Welcome to "The Exciting World of Magic". Now available on DVD!

Price: $29.95

Science of Magic   The Science of Magic

Discover the real razzle-dazzle behind the power of hocus-pocus! Join host Harry Anderson and take a behind-the-scenes tour through cunning misdirections, optical illusions & manipulations of geometry. The Science of Magic reveals trade secrets you thought you'd never learn. See how audiences are mystified by daring sleights of hand. Watch closely. Perhaps you'll be the next Houdini!

Price: $16.99


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