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101 Magic Tricks - Learn magic tricks that will shock your friends and family. - Amazing Magic music video clips of some spectacular effects in Real Movie and Windows Media Player format. - Learn how to profit from card tricks & magic. With free tricks and
newsletter, 'Make Millions by Magic!'

Card Tricks Now! - Your online guide to free card tricks, sleights, magic videos and a forum.

Digital Magic Tricks - Download magic trick video clips and impress.

Download Magic - Download Magic tricks and videos by magician Steve Fearson.

eBay - Search for magic tricks on the world's most popular online auction site.

Eye Magic - Find the hidden image! - Amazing optical illusions and other mind teasing oddities.

Flirting Magic - An e-book for flirting, meeting people and making friends.

Free Card Magic Tricks - Blog featuring card trick instructions.

Free Magic Tricks - the place to learn magic, with a growing number of free magic tricks, with high quality photos, and sleights for you to learn and download.

Free Magic Tricks Online - Free step by step instructions for card, rope, coin and bar tricks.

High-TechMagic - Magic links.

Learn Magic Tricks - Features instructional videos on how to be a perform magic tricks.

Lee Asher - Home to the most original sleight of hand like the Asher Twist, Pulp Friction, Losing Control and other cutting edge techniques.

MJM Magic - Online magic shop.

Mad Trick - Magic card tricks at reasonable prices.

Magic4Us - Magician's resource site for all things magical.

Magic Express - Where magic happens.

Magic & Illusion - The web's most complete guide to all things magic & illusion related. Brought to you by

Magic Reference - Magic Directory and information on the web. - A new magic club that helps its members save money on magic-related items.

Magic Trick Talk - Magic discussion forum. - Magic for magicians. Fast shipping on thousands of in-stock magic tricks, books, videos. Magic memorabilia and posters. Free online magic library.

Magic Trick Search - Magic trick search directory.

Magic World - the first UK magic shop online providing various rare magic from around the world.

Marked Cards - The biggest resource for marked cards on the Internet. We sell marked cards of every type as well as card marking kits. Learn all about marked cards, how to detect them, as well as browse our free video and magic trick sections.

Mind Bluff - Optical illusions, brain teasers, puzzles, free games and more.

New Magic Secrets - Downloadable tricks from Jean-Denis Blanchet.

Online Magic Auctions - Buy & Sell magic free of charge! No hassle, no fuss...

Optical Illusions - Image gallery of optical illusion images.

Pub Tricks & Games - Learn great magic tricks and pub games!

The Magic of Steve Zebs - Find out!! Plus free magic tricks, Themes, Screensavers, Games, Hotbar Skins and more.

This is Magic - Offering unique magic tricks like no other.

You Do Magic - Learn how to do close-up magic.

Zebulon Magic -
Free Interactive magic tricks & games in this amazing flash site. Also has a great Magic Forum so you can chat with other magicians.


Amazing Camera - Take a picture of yourself using nothing but your computer monitor.  A free service that requires no special equipment or software!

At Work and Bored - Fun stuff to do if you're bored.

Birthday Cards Online - Free birthday cards and birthday e-greetings.

Bowling Games -
A collection of free online bowling games.

Card Games - Another great site from featuring news and links to sites featuring card games.

Dave's Daily - Funny, strange and bizarre news and photos.

Famous Quotes  - Famous quotes by famous people.

Football Games - A collection of free online American football games.

Free Addicting Games - Play free addicting games online.

Free Christmas Cards Online -
Free Christmas e-greetings for all your holiday card needs

Free E-Cards - Free e-cards for birthday, friendship, love and many other categories.

Free E-Cards Online - A collection of free e-cards for all occasions.

Free Fun Greetings - Unique collection of free animated e-cards and fun pages.

Free Greeting Cards - Large collection of greeting cards to send your loved ones.

Free Houdini Day ecards from 123Greetings - It's Houdini Day!  It's a day to make your pals/loved ones/ acquaintances happy with your magical touch and smile. Send them our free online greetings!

Free Screensavers - Liven up your computer with one of our free screensavers!

Free Stuff Directory - Your guide to free things on the Internet.

Got Boredom - Got boredom?  A collection of links that cure both mild and severe cases of boredom.

Greetings Island - Send free personalized virtual greeting cards! Choose from Hundreds of original e-cards for day life events and every occasion.

Headline Humor - Hilarious real images from around the globe including funny headlines, advertisements, signs and more. If you like "reality humor", then this site is for you.

Livewire Puzzles - Has been making and selling wire disentanglement puzzles since 1979. The puzzles are of various levels of difficulty and appeal to puzzle lovers from ages 9 to 99.

Lunar Antics - Funny cartoons where the inhabitants of the moon hang out here on Earth.  But don't let them steal the show because it's really about us Earthlings.

Math Games - A collection of math games playable online.

Pick The Worst - You are presented with two options.  Neither of them are good.  Your task is to pick the worst!

PicWarp - Choose a famous person's picture and warp it!

Play Basketball Games - A collection of free online basketball games.

The world's best resource for puzzling on the Internet.

Soccer Games - A collection of free online soccer games.

Texas Hold Em Poker - Play some poker.

Web Flags - Comprehensive world flag and map database. Greetings - Free electronic greeting cards, greetings, e-cards and postcards.

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